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Green. Plane and simple.

Hondo loves planes, and it loves the environment equally. That’s the reason why Disassembly & Recycling are a key part of our services, apart from maintenance and storage.

Every year, many aircraft reach the end of their lifetime. However, many of their components and parts may be functional and many may just be worthy as scrap. Through our close inspection and valuation, we ensure that not only does the end-of-life aircraft leave you with maximum value, but also leaves minimal wastage behind.

Our Disassembly & Recycling procedures are aligned with our goal of being environmentally conscious and protective.

Our RSM establishes guidelines for the reduction of the amount of hazardous substance, pollutant, or contaminants entering the environment prior to recycling, treatment, or disposal.

We utilise the EPA, 530-z-93-007, Guidance to Hazardous Waste Generators on the Elements of a Minimization Program as a reference to our Repair Station Manual. We do everything we can to reduce the hazards to public health and the environment, because we owe it to ourselves and the future.

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